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Upholstery Cleaning

Do you know that your upholstery is about the first thing people notice the moment they step into your space? Be it your living room, reception area, or office space, the condition of your upholstery makes up a large chunk of the early impressions you make on a person.

Now, you don’t want that impression to sound like, ‘How do they not know that their couch needs some cleaning?’ do you?

Not to worry! This is why we are in business.

Primodry Carpet Cleaning Cambridge exists for the sole purpose of liberating you from any unnecessary concerns about your upholstered furniture so that you can be present and entirely focused on your work or business.

Now, we are not just about soaking your upholstered furniture in water and cleaning solutions and leaving them out to dry. We make it a point of duty to thoroughly examine and analyse your furniture before we do anything on them. During this analysis, our trained and experienced cleaning technicians will check properties like the nature of the fabric used in your upholstery, its colour, and the types of joining used to assemble the furniture. The outcome of this analysis will enable us to use upholstery cleaning methods and equipment that best preserves the integrity of your furniture.

Why should you trust us with your upholstery?

We work with industry-standard equipment to ensure an efficient cleaning process for your upholstery.

We use energy-saving, eco-friendly methods for upholstery cleaning.

We have a team of experts who have been adequately trained to use these equipment and methods to restore the integrity of your upholstery.

We work on strict schedules and will not break the deadline agreements we make with you.

We are right at your doorstep if you live in Cambridge.

So, waste no time. If you are in Cambridge or its surrounding towns, reach out to Primodry Carpet Cleaning Cambridge for all your upholstery cleaning needs today!

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