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We'll Clean Your Carpets, Deodorise Them, Increase Their Resistance to Stains and Dirt, And We'll Have Them DRY WITHIN 30 MINUTES of Being Cleaned

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Nestled alongside the River Cam, Sawston boasts a rich history and vibrant community. From the charming half-timbered houses lining High Street to the sprawling greenery of the nearby Wandlebury Country Park, it's a town where past and present blend seamlessly. Yet, even the most beautiful homes succumb to the inevitable wear and tear, and carpets often bear the brunt of it.

That's where Primodry Carpet Cleaning steps in, offering Sawston residents a revolutionary low-moisture solution to restore their carpets to their former glory. Forget disruptive, soggy carpets and lingering chemical odours – our state-of-the-art heated bonnet cleaning method delivers professional results that are gentle on your floors and kind to your environment.

Imagine this: you stroll down the bustling High Street, admiring the quaint architecture, then return home to carpets that feel refreshingly clean and soft underfoot. That's the Primodry experience. Our process is swift and efficient, starting with a thorough identification of your carpet type. We then employ a powerful vacuum to remove surface dirt, followed by a targeted pre-spray that loosens deep-seated grime.

Now comes the magic: our heated bonnet, equipped with a hot pad and specialist cleaning solution, gently agitates and cleans your carpets. But unlike traditional methods, our bonnets boast an inbuilt heat blower, drying your carpets within a remarkable 30 minutes. So, you can ditch the noisy machines and chemical smells associated with conventional cleaning – our whisper-quiet technology ensures a peaceful experience, ideal for homes, offices, and even delicate settings like libraries or museums.

Just like Sawston cherishes its heritage, we understand the value of protecting your carpets. After the cleaning, we apply an anti-soil and anti-stain protection, creating an invisible barrier against mud, spills, and everyday wear. Think of it as a shield, safeguarding your carpets from the inevitable mishaps that life throws our way, just like the sturdy walls of Sawston's historic buildings protect their timeless stories.

Our comprehensive process concludes with meticulous grooming, ensuring every fibre is aligned and looking its best. The result? Carpets that feel revitalised, smell fresh, and radiate a healthy glow, just like the well-maintained gardens and parks that grace Sawston's landscape.

Ready to experience the Primodry difference? Contact us today for a free quote and let us bring the beauty back to your Sawston carpets, one gentle clean at a time.

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